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Design and Production ofWEB-based Animation


This course is a basic professional course of communication major. This course will systematically introduce creative design with specific network animation production. The course is divided into twelve parts like network animated overview, network animation design principles, the Flash work environment and basic operation, figure drawing and text editing, animation elements, basic animation techniques, advanced animation techniques, interactive animation technology, actionscript and components, animation testing and publishing, advertising clips making and electronic greeting cards making and etc. This course by teaching students the basic principles of the design and its specific object settings, aims to cultivate the students' thinking, develop students' ability to innovate, and through real-time operating on the machine training, improve students' specific abilities. Through this course, the students will be able to give full play to individual creativity in design and operating, with skillful using of two-dimensional animation software Flash to design and produce expressive animation, independently produce QQ expression, a lively animation creative advertising clips, greeting cards with harmonious music and pictures.

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