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Salary Design and Welfare Management




The course belongs to high levels of elective course of Administrative management major, it is base on the height of Operating and strategic, combined with the overall Angle of Human resources management system, in order to represent salary design and welfare management new ideas, technology and process, and its position and function in the modern enterprise. This course can help students understand the current confusion and technical difficulties that need to face in enterprise salary management, especially to provide very strong pertinence and maneuverability method for Chinese enterprises' human resources management practice and salary management practice.

Therefore this course will be combined with a large number of cases to carry on the analysis of teaching, to cultivate students' solid management knowledge and actual analysis skills. The course refers to analysis and evaluation of Practical cases, compensation management; it can help students to establish a good knowledge base, to provide them with a wide field of view of the management. The students have a strong processing and analysis capabilities, but also train the students in the classroom with person’s ability to communicate.

The main content of this course are: strategic compensation management, compensation system and job evaluation, skills and ability to compensation system, the pay levels and its external competitiveness ,salary structure design, staff welfare management.

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