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Civil Service Quality Training(2)








This course teaches success on the part of the national civil service examinations. Expounding is working in firefighters ' bodies should have the basic ability of test subjects. Shen on the examination paper and answer request for information given by the notes, made up of three parts.

Expounding capacity examination principal applicants firefighters ' comprehensive analysis of reading comprehension, skills, presentation and problem-solving skills, writing ability.

Reading comprehension--called for a comprehensive grasp of the given information content, accurately understand the meaning of the given information, accurate refining of the containing views, and reflected the essence of the reveal.

Comprehersive analysis ability--called for all or part of the content of the given information, opinion or analysis and draw conclusions on the issue, thinking in terms of information content, make reasonable inferences or evaluation.

Requests made and problem-solving abilities--with their own practice experience or life experience on the analysis on the basis of information given to understand, identify and define issues, assess or weigh, make programmes or measures to solve the problem.

Writing ability--request use the specified language, the use of descriptions, statements, arguments, and other ways, accurate specifications, concise and accessible presentation of ideas.

Implementation of capacity--requires the ability to accurately understand the objectives and organizational intent, follow the principle of administration according to law, based on objective realities, and effectively fulfil its mandate in a timely manner.

Problem-solving abilities--requires to use their existing knowledge and experience, made the right analysis on specific issues, propose practical measures or approaches。

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