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Public Etiquette and Conference Management


This course is a optional course of administrative management professional. It aims at passing on the related knowledge and specific ways and means of public etiquette and conference management to our students, this course will be developed after students have already handled the courses like management theory and practice , office practice and so on. With the development of modern society, public etiquette and conference management have already played more and more important role, because of the administrative management professional students need to know the courtesy that the civil servants have to gain in detail from various aspects such as self image, office, communication, daily life and so on, and they need to grasp the basic theories of conference management , and also need to know the operating technology in different step like conference reception, arrangement, service, presentation and so on. It contains about the specific training contents like : instrument etiquette , daily office etiquette, public activities etiquette, communication etiquette and art, public place etiquette, conference etiquette and the related knowledge of conference management, etc.

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