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Public Finance and Budge



The course belongs to platform course of Administrative management major,suitable for undergraduate students. It is the applied economics course setting theory and practice as a whole. By studding the course, students have to master the basic theory of public finance, such as public finance function, public spending theory, public income theory, national budget and financial system and financial policy theory, and so on. At the same time through the class discussion and other forms, the game theory and information economics research methods can be applied to public financial problems, especially the public financial management system design and innovation, so as to guide the student active learning and thinking. The course will also with a brief introduction to east and west of the country's finance and taxation management system and the ongoing reform of public financial system innovation in china, in order to improve the student with the theoretical analysis actual problem ability.

Learning through this course, it can make students determine study object of fiscal discipline, and grasp the most basic concepts of Finance. To understand the underlying fiscal position of the country and the main fiscal policy, students may comply with the concept of financial law,. It can also broaden the knowledge structure of Administrative Sciences professional students, and then improve the overall quality of students engaged in administrative work.

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