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The theory and practice of Western Administrative Reform


The western administrative theory and practice in the reform of the professional course, the professional specifications for students is of great significance to the cultivation. The course of contemporary administrative reform of the characteristics and causes of contemporary administrative reform, the main contents and measures of British administrative reform, the characteristics and contents of government function, the United States market and public service output, the United States government decentralization of market orientation and internal system reform and practice of electronic government, the Japanese Administrative reform, western administration reform enlightenment China administrative reform, the development trend of administrative reform, compared to other problems in detail, on the current administrative reform theory and practice to make elaborate system. The main purpose of the course is to enable students to understand the contemporary administration reform in western countries the main trends, main measures and the main experience and lesson, to understand the present stage our country administrative reform of the basic trend, main measures and experience and lessons, and thus their professional horizons, develop ideas, to enlarge our scope of knowledge, to develop and improve the administrative management knowledge and the analysis question, solves the question ability. In the process of teaching, in addition to teachers on the system, there are two specialized classroom discussions, under the guidance of teacher, students take the initiative to collect relevant information, professional papers written, and have a discussion in groups, the western administrative reform some deep-seated problems are discussed, in order to better grasp the contemporary administrative reform the essence and characteristics of.

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