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Secretarial Science



It is a specialized fundamental course to the students of administrative management major and electronic government major. It is also connected with the course of management, applied writing, administrative science, psychology and so on.

The use of the course is make students understand and master the nature, task, function and a variety of other disciplines of the work made by secretary through the study. It will also teach them the relationship between the secretary and the secretary personnel's basic requirements, which includes the structure, ability and quality structure of characteristics of secretary knowledge. Familiar with the secretary of the each link in specific work, procedures, and requirements, such as: the document processing, office affairs, conference work, the complaint, reception work, archives work, coordination and so on. To make the students can more quickly adapt to the needs in the future practice and work, so as to further develop and strengthen students' interest to the theory of the secretary and improve the secretary's stamina. It will certainly promote the secretary work standardization, institutionalization and scientific. It could also help leaders to work with office working more efficiency. In the future work ,the students will play the three big role of assistant, coordination and supervise.

The total time of the course is 48 class hours. In the teaching, this course will come from basic theory and actual secretary work to train the student to realize the professional knowledge, be familiar with the each link of secretary work, procedures, and requirements. It will improve the students' professional quality. It will make them can more quickly adapt to the needs of work and lay a good foundation in the future practice and work

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