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Public Policy Analysis


Public policy analysis is an emerging interdisciplinary which helps government to solve social problems, so action-oriented is one of the prominent features of public policy analysis. This course is generally a professional foundation course in the department such as political science, public administration and business management in comprehensive university at home and abroad. As public policy analysis emphasizes the integration of knowledge from various disciplines to solve public problems in reality, therefore it has a unique advantage in improving students' thinking ability, the ability to analyze and solve problems. It will introduce the students to key concepts, theories and methods in policy analysis. The course provides ample opportunities for students to discuss and to interact with experts and practitioners in the field through case teaching, and class discussion. The main goals of this course are to make students master the basic theory principles and methods of public policy analysis, get the ability of independent discovery and analysis of a variety of policy issues in reality as well as the initial policy advisory capacity.

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