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Western Political System


The western political system is a specialized basic course for undergraduates majoring in administrative management. It mainly introduces seven aspects of the political system of Japan, Germany, Britain, the United States, France, Russia and some other western countries:the constitution, the head of state, political party, election, parliament, the government and the court. It also compares the characteristics of the system of western constitutionalism, the head of state, political party, election, parliament, and the characteristics of the cabinet and the court system. The main content of the course are the essence of political system of the main western countries from the vertical and horizontal angle, and the deep comparison of the study and research. Learning this course enables students to have a more profound and comprehensive understanding about the operation of the political system of western countries, and to further analyze the major political events of the western countries. In a word, this course aims to strengthen students' foundation of professional knowledge, and to improve the analysis ability of professional problems.

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