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Theory on Political Science


Theory on Political Science is an introduction course on basic theoretical knowledge of politics. It is the first specialized course for the students majoring in administrative management. This course serves as the foundation for other courses. It focuses on not only the general information of the politics, for example, class and revolution, the origin and development of the country, the basic theory of the pre-capitalist countries, but also other in-depth political theories, like government agencies, political participation, political development, the ethnic minority issues, political culture, political development and international politics. After learning the course, students would understand the basic frame and the theoretical system of politics, and would master the basic theory of political knowledge systematically, and could analyze some political phenomenon with theoretical knowledge. To sum up, the main task of this course is to enable students to master the basic theory of political science, enhance the political consciousness, raise political consciousness and analyze and discuss the politic issues in reality.

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