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Introduction to Chinese Culture

中国文化博大精深、源远流长, 其所蕴涵的价值观念、思维方式、行为准则等无不对今天的社会产生巨大的影响。 开设本门课的目的:第一,继承中国优秀的文化传统,使学生在纷乱、复杂的环境中认识并把握我们的民族精神,增强民族自尊心和自豪感;第二,提高文化素养。传统文化中所涵盖的哲学、历史、文学、艺术、论理学、美学等方面的知识是一笔丰厚的精神财富,了解、学习这一方面的知识对拓宽学生的视野,积累厚实的文化底蕴,塑造丰富的精神世界,提高自身素质,都有着巨大作用。

Chinese culture is broad and profound, and has a long history. The values, thinking modes and behavior standards inside it still influence the modern society enormously. The aims of this course: 1st, to inherit the outstanding traditions of Chinese culture, and let students grasp our national spirits, enhance their self-esteem and pride of our nation in the chaotic and complex society; 2nd, to improve students' culture attainment. Chinese culture contains the knowledge of philosophy, history, literature, art, ethics, aesthetics, etc. It is a rich spirit wealth. Learning these knowledge has a great deal of advantages for students to widen vision, accumulate cultural deposits, form spirit world, and enhance their qualities.

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