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Practical Writing



This course is the professional optional course for the students of non-liberal arts major. In the 16 class hours, It will mainly focus on: the first chapter, introduction, introduction, the nature, characteristics and teaching of applied writing, and the relationship between learning method; The second chapter, some basic requirements about writing; The third chapter, the application letter (CV) writing; The fourth chapter, market investigation report writing, The fifth chapter, the administrative document writing. These content are more closely related to the college students now and the future work. Through the study of this course can let the student have a more practical understanding to the writing theory knowledge and skills, and make a good command of the teaching practice of writing.

The total class time of the course is 16 hours. The teaching will combine with the corresponding writing theory, based on the actual practical writing case as the main object of interpretation, use multimedia presentation and improve student to practice. Analyzing, discussing and other forms will also be made use of so that the students can have a more true actual experience, thus further deepen their understanding of the writing knowledge cognition and comprehension. Among them, the application letter (CV), market investigation reports and administration document will be the emphasis of the course.

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