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Basis for Writing





This course is aimed at undergraduate students who is studying is professional communication major as a public basic course. The nature of the curriculum decided its basic position. Open this course, the main content includes that: the first chapter, introduction, the nature , characteristics and teaching of university's basic writing, how it related to disciplines and the relationship between learning method; The second chapter, some basic requirements in writing; In the third chapter, understanding writing system, writing subject, writing object, writing carrier and writing receptor; The fourth chapter, expression, narration, description, description, lyrical and discussion; Chapter 5, writing ability, observation and reading ability, feeling and aesthetic ability, imagination and association ability, analysis and comprehensive ability and thinking ability; Chapter 6, poetry; Chapter 7, prose; Chapter 8, novels, Chapter 9, the application letter (CV) writing; Chapter ten, graduation thesis writing. The purpose of this course is to make students through the study, systematically grasp the basic theory and basic knowledge of writing, be familiar with the basic law of writing, to cultivate students the necessary ability of writing general articles. 

The basis of writing course will totally take 32 class hours. In the teaching, we will according to the corresponding writing theory, combined with a certain case , make use of multimedia demonstration, and analyzed and discussed other forms so that the students can have a more true actual experience, thus further deepen their understanding the cognition and comprehension of writing. Among them, expression methods, writing ability, the application letter (CV) and graduation thesis is the emphasis of the course. 

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