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The Practice of Public Relations


This course is created for the major of Administrative management by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Practice of Public Relations is a comprehensive applied subject which focuses on the basic knowledge, method and skills of the real practices of public relations. This course contains the summary, process, type and special topics of the Practice of Public Relations as well as the etiquette of public relations, crisis management, organization’s image and CIS. This course emphasizes case study and practiced process in teaching. Students will be guided for planning special events of public relations and participate visit and study. Through the course, students will learn not only the character, importance and function of public relations in modern operation and management, but also the process and methods of the communication between social organization and general public. In addition, students will develop the mentality and quality of dealing with public relations, and improve the capability of participating public relations activities. The Practice of Public Relations has 32 class hours and 2 credits, the score of which will be decided by normal records and final results. Please pay attention to periodic assessments. The final examination will be open-book.

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